Our Valentine’s Day Specials

Our Valentine’s Day Specials

Valentine’s Specials are at $108++ per couple, available only at our Palais Renaissance outlet.

– Consommé with miso braised daikon and kelp

– Buckwheat noodle with sautéed hon-shimeji mushroom
– Tamagoyaki with hot sauce
– Tempura calamari
– Salad with citrus dressing

– Grilled tiger prawn with flying fish roe mayo
– Salmon steak with lemon cream sauce
– Smoked duck breast with spiced balsamic glaze
– NZ black angus rib eye / roasted half Spring chicken with black pepper sauce
– Couscous with corn kernel, mixed peppers, mango and pine nuts

– Apple cinnamon crumble with vanilla ice cream
– Seasonal fruits platter

Coffee / tea
Free flow premium prosecco